Lala Hajibayova, Wayne Buente
Kent State University, University of Hawai’i at Manoā
The Colors of Digital World
presentation slides

Larena Hoeber, Orland Hoeber
University of Regina
Qualitative Analysis of Twitter Data: Searching For and Analyzing Discourses of Gender in Le Tour de France Tweets

Amana Kaskazi, Amber Copeland, Armanda Gonzalez
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
‘With Class’: Exploring Black Female Identity and Cultural Expression on Twitter and Instagram

Andrea Marshall, Jennifer A. Rode
Drexel College of Computing and Informatics
Social Media Representations of Gender Diversity in Steampunk Communities of Practice
— presentation slides

Monica Murtaugh
San Diego State University
An Examination of Feminist Video Game Blogging

Joseph T. Tennis
University of Washington
Words and Emotional Work: Classification Theory’s Constructs Useful for the Analysis of Social Media Data in Terms of Gender, Race, and Sexuality

(authors with names in bold will be attending the workshop)



Workshop participation is open to all. However, to facilitate the opportunity for a select set of presentations at the workshop, we welcome any interested scholars to submit a position paper, methods paper, or case study. Papers should describe novel and ethical research involving the use of social media data for the exploration of gender, race, and/or sexuality. We particularly welcome submissions from participants dealing with issues of intersectionality. Paper submissions are entirely optional, but if desired should be 2-4 pages in the iConference 2015 format. If accepted, authors will be provided with presentation details in advance of the workshop; they will also be invited to share their data for workshop demonstration purposes. We will provide opportunities throughout the workshop for presenters to get feedback on their research from workshop attendees and organizers. Participant papers will be made available on the workshop website with author permission.


Email your paper to by January 16, 2015 at 5pm PST.


Paper deadline: January 16, 2015

Decision notifications: February 16, 2015

Workshop: March 24, 2015


Oliver Haimson:


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